Successful Project Management The Apprentice

Oct 8, 2019 | #howtobeaPM, #howtowinthe apprentice, projects in plain english, the apprentice

How to be a successful project manager on The Apprentice…

“I am disgustingly ambitious…”, “I can see that I’m going to be a really strong candidate… because I can see that I’m stronger than the other candidates.”

Yes, The Apprentice is back with a new batch of budding entrepreneurs seeking to demonstrate their commercial nous and ruthlessness. There’s a £250,000 investment at stake and the chance of a business partnership with Lord Sugar.

The Class of 2019

Credit: BBC

Lessons to learn about project management

In each episode the candidates are divided into two teams and set business tasks by Lord Sugar. The team leaders are designated as project managers and each week they ignore the golden rules of project management. The result is that at least one of them gets fired.

If you look beneath the empty boasts and character assassinations in the losers’ cafe there are plenty of lessons to learn about project management. Each week we’ll focus on the basic errors that leave the losing teams floundering in the Boardroom.

How to be a successful project manager on The Apprentice...

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