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These are challenging times, especially for the creative industries. You’ve got a great idea and you want to turn it into reality. But where do you start?  

We all need to find new ways of getting stuff done, but learning how to innovate and deliver successful projects can be painful. You can spend weeks in a classroom or online. Or you can struggle through a manual the size of a doorstep.  

That’s why we’ve developed Creative PM. It’s a deliberately simple and informal approach. But it covers all the essential principles, and it’s designed to allow your creativity and innovation to flourish. No fuss, no jargon, no bureaucracy.

And whatever industry you’re in, traditional approaches to learning project management skills just aren’t good enough when you’re trying to get things done quickly, especially if you’re working remotely. So we’ve also developed a range of online project simulation workshops that allow you to develop and practise your project management skills in a few hours, not weeks.

Simple Project Management - a creative way to get stuff done
Simple Project Management - a creative way to get stuff done

The Creative Industries

Are you working on a creative project, putting on a show, pitching a research idea or setting up a new business or a social enterprise?

Do you need to convince someone that your project is worth investing in?

Do you need to get things done quickly, but under control?

Why you may need Creative PM

Project Simulations

Project Simulations

Are you looking for an innovative, engaging way of learning project management skills?

Do you need to develop your skills in working remotely but collaboratively?

Is your organisation spending a lot of money training people only to find they’re not able to put what they’ve learned into practice?

Why you may need Project Simulations


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